The CrossFit Open 19.5 Live Workout Announcement

The final workout for the CrossFit Open is approaching and it’s going to be a massive showdown! The best athletes in CrossFit will be competing against each other for bragging rights and ranking for the CrossFit Games.


CrossFit Open 19.5 Workout Live

The biggest matchup will feature the two 2018 CrossFit Games winner Mat Fraser and Tia-Claire Toomey as they battle each other to see who’s the pound for pound best. There will also be other big athletes competing against each other in Ireland, Australia, Belgium so let the excitement begin!

In Ireland, it’ll be Travis Williams and Sean Sweeney matching up, then Australia will feature Jessica Coughlin and Khan Porter, followed by Castellani, Esslinger, Koski, and Rhomesmo for a big throw down in Belgium.

These are the 19.5 announcement times:

Los Angeles, USA – 16:00 pm Thursday
Miami, USA – 19:00 pm Thursday
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – 20:00 Thursday
Dublin, Ireland – Midnight
London, England – Midnight
Antwerp, Belgium – Friday 01:00 am
Berlin Germany – Friday 01:00 am
Moscow, Russia – Friday 02:00 am
Perth, Australia – Friday 07:00 am
Wollongong, Australia – Friday 11:00 am

Mat Fraser is the reigning World’s Fittest Man champion (2016, 2017, and 2018 CrossFit Games champion) and we’ll see how far he’ll go to dominate the 19.5 workout.

Meanwhile, Tia-Claire Toomey is the World’s Fittest Woman (2017 and 2018 CrossFit Games champion) and looking to prove herself in Miami.

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